/Fast Enough,

a Reliable, Simple, Practical & Beautiful Alive Innovation Toolkit 

Here you can enjoy and use more than 20 years experience working with Corporations, startups, research and entrepreneurs.

Come and discover for free how to live & experience Innovation with the method FastEnough , a /Reliable, Fast, Simple, Practical & Beautiful approach to Innovation.

A curated selection of best practice methods from the best Innovators. Not an static toolkit. It will become dynamic & alive with contributions from the Community.

This is for you, where innovation meets simplicity

You are a Business or IT Consultant, a UX/UI Designer, a Facilitator, a Trainer, an Entrepreneur...

You need to learn, apply and facilitate innovation methods. Call it Design Thinking, Design Sprint, Manual Thinking, Workshopping, Innovation Frameworks...

You are overwhelmed with unstructured or partial information. You are lost, and don't know where to start. 
How to mix different frameworks? Where do I start? 

Can someone explain this to me? Then, this is your place. 

A place you can read, you can learn from and you contribute to...this is Fast Enough.

Not another framework

This is not about reinventing the wheel, but a curated compilation of the very best innovation tools & techniques with a practical application.

More than 20 years consulting experience and 5 years as educator for University students have given me an accurate perspective on what professionals, entrepreneurs & students are missing when initiating their path to Innovation methods.  

This is it. A simple & beautiful alive toolkit to avoid chaos and manage with order.

How much is this worth?

The Value

But it is worth a lot. How much would you pay for a Workshop or Bootcamp that leaves you with nothing more than a set of slides?
How much would you pay for a Community based framework? That keeps it alive. Where you can constantly learn and improve. 
Let's share & collaborate.

The cost

Now this costs 0 €. Nothing. Nada.

How does it look like to work like this?

Look the video here

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Fundamentals 101: Innovation is about Chaos & Order

Prepare for Chaos...

This is not a linear, step-by-step process. It is and it will be a chaos. You will go back and forth.  Your team needs to navigate in this chaos.

*Graph from Strategyzer

Fundamentals 101: Innovation is about Fast & Slow

 ...and stay the course

The course is often difficult and might seem taking you anywhere. Be persistent. 
*Graph from Visualice Value

Innovation is about Collaboration

I would like to create a useful framework, and your suggestions are fundamental to make this work. If you have any ideas, please feel free to send them to me here.
What is your best resource?
How do you use?
what do you miss?

Have a look at this site and comment here.

Send me your Ideas, suggestions, comments


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