Discover the Fast Enough framework

Seven Steps to immerse you & your group in a creative, actionable, fascinating journey to bring your Ideas to life with solid foundation.

/1 Team & Theme

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The aim of this Step is to create and form the Innovation teams, as well as select the "Theme" that will be addressed.

There are two suggested activities to complete this step. 

/2: Research & Question

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Explore your main Theme... Where do you want to have an impact? Which Industry, which Process? And then start to find our what are best practices.
What are the innovative ideas today? What are the main issues? Become an expert in your Theme!

And then, narrow down your Theme to a Concrete Question. 

What is the   C  H  A  L  L  E  N  G  E   you aim to solve. 

Be aspirational, go up, fly high on your Challenge Framing.

These are the activities to complete this step. 

/3: Customer Obsession

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Once we have our initial frame...we go deep in understanding our Customers...

/4: Inspiration & Ideation

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Lets Go for Ideation Crazyness!! We do this in two steps...first we try to make volume. No filters, no constraints...
Then we need to work with our raw material to process ideas that can turn into Solutions.

/5: Prototyping & Validation

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Let´s create our Pretotype (Pre-prototype) for validation of or main hypothesis.
Create experiments. 
Test. Measure. Learn. Again.

/6: Business Crafting

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Create a Valid Business Model for your Idea / Solution

/7: Storytelling

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Tell your story. Pitch to your customers. To your investors.
Pitch to your team.
Pitch to the world.

Facilitator Skills

The method and the framework is a part of the success. Your role as a facilitator is also essential.

Do you want to know more? How to become a master facilitator? Let´s discuss what you need.

No code tools

No limit for protoyping